British Rind On Back Bacon
Nutritional Information per 100gm:
Energy  890 kJ / 213 kcal
Fat(g) 14.6g
of which saturates 5.8g
Carbohydrate 0.1g
of which sugars 0.1g
Protein 20.2g
Salt 3.0g
No Allergens present

British Rind-on Smoked Back Bacon 2.27kg

Traditionally cured to enhance flavour, our Great British smoked back bacon has subtle wood smoke overtones. Rind on bacon is perfect for crackling lovers and those who like an added crunch.

Our large 2.27kg pack offers great value and is ideal for Christmas – covering your turkey so it stays moist and succulent, and of course all of those full English breakfasts or bacon butties for your family and guests!

Ingredients: Pork 97%, Water, Salt, Preservatives (E250, E25)
Storage: Keep refrigerated at 0 to 5 °C. Eat within 3 days of opening and before date shown