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The Office Christmas Party Survival Guide

The office Christmas party – the mere mention of it puts fear into many of us. For while we may get on well with our colleagues, mixing business with pleasure and a liberal shot of alcohol can lead to disaster. But we have some great tips to help you have the most amazing Christmas party yet – and, of course, a few fabulous food ideas.

Keep off the drink

Our Office Christmas Party Survival Guide provides you with all the necessary info to enjoy your party without incident (hopefully).When the alcohol flows freely, there’s always the temptation to drink as much as you can – but don’t forget you will be seeing your colleagues in the morning and, unlike in Fight Club, what happens at the office Christmas party rarely stays there! We’re not suggesting you avoid the booze completely, but alternating alcoholic drinks with soft ones helps you stay in control and you’ll have much more fun when you’re not worrying about the morning after the night before!

Don’t listen to gossip

Even if you resolve to keep a clear head, your colleagues might not be so sensible – and Christmas drinks definitely lead to loose lips! While your work mates may normally be buttoned up, after a few glasses of bubbly you may hear all sorts of hair-raising stories. Alcohol is a great tool for exaggeration so take anything you hear with a pinch of salt, and try not to get into any confessional conversations because there’ll always be regrets the following day.

Stay away from the mistletoe!!

That mistletoe may have seemed like a good idea on a rainy November afternoon, but when you find yourself standing underneath it with the sales manager, it might not seem so appealing! Keep clear of the mistletoe and keep your dignity intact…

Mix and mingle

It’s all too easy to stick with your closest colleagues, but the office Christmas party is a great opportunity to meet people from other sections of the company in a relaxed environment. Make sure you mingle because you never know where those new connections may take you.

Put on a spread!

Our range of party packs can help take the pressure off when it comes to your office christmas party.A party isn’t just about the booze – the food is really important too. And at we are here to help you put on a spread fit for kings! Our £50 Party Pack includes everything you need for a fabulous buffet, including a selection of quality cold meats and fine cheeses, two large pork pies, Scotch eggs, houmous, pate, pickles and crispbreads. There’s even a slab of cake and a selection of biscuits to go with your late-night coffee.  You can order as many as you need and have them delivered directly to your party venue.

Our party packs give you a cost-effective way to put on a party – so what are you waiting for? Put one in your basket today – and have a ball!

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