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Traditional Roast Beef: The Perfect Feel-Good Meal

As the temperature outside continues to drop, everyone is looking for something to make themselves feel better and make the most of our winter. There is one dish that the British do better than anyone else that always improves your mood; the classic roast beef dinner.

Roast beef may be straightforward to cook but it is far more than just a simple dish; it brings with it a sense of family, friendship and tradition. It’s a meal that embodies the best aspect of cooking by bringing people together. It is meant to be shared. It also happens to taste remarkable.

Roasting Beef

It's hard to look past the hearty warmth of delicious roast beef as part of your Sunday lunch.A roast works with many different types of meat, but it is difficult to look beyond traditional roast beef for a hearty meal that is the cornerstone of excellent UK comfort food.

If you’ve never roasted a loin of beef before it can be daunting at first. It’s a larger cut of meat than a lot of people work with these days. But, while it may seem difficult, it is a simple dish to cook, and to cook well. Essentially, all you need is a loin of beef, a handful of root vegetables and a roasting pan.

There is, of course, a little more to it than that, and thankfully there is a huge selection of recipes for different roasts available online. To get started we would suggest you look at this simple and delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver, or these instructions on how to roast beef by Delia Smith. Both are a great place to begin.

Perfect Potatoes

While the beef is the most important element, there are several other things that help make the meal stand out. One of those is a well-cooked roast potato.

Potatoes are a staple of any good roast dinner but for something so simple they are very easy to do badly. There are many methods and recipes for a great roast potato but in our opinion, it’s difficult to improve over one roasted in goose fat.

One of the easiest recipes we know is from the Great British Chefs website. The basic recipe is a simple five step process, but it also gives you a few ideas to use later to tweak and play with the recipe to suit your own tastes.

The Gravy

The final key component is the gravy. A well-made gravy will make all the difference between a good roast and a great roast. As with most things, everyone’s opinion on what that should taste like varies.

You need to experiment and find a recipe that works for you. To help you with that, have a look at our range of gravies and Great Taste award-winning stock. They will help you bring that extra special finishing touch to your roast to take it to the next level.

Make it your own

There are many other items you can add to a roast and each person will have something they feel makes it perfect. What everyone does agree on, is that a roast dinner is best shared with others.

There is no better feel-good meal than one shared with friends and family, and there is no better meal to do that in the cold winter months than a delicious roast beef dinner. Now is the perfect time to invite people over, warm up the oven and introduce a little more comfort and happiness into your life.

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