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Tips for Handling Leftovers and Saving Money

After the holiday period and with the end of January approaching most people are feeling the pinch of a long month.

Even though the finances may be a little slimmer than you would like because of the holidays there’s no need to scrimp on what you cook. You can make your meals and your money go further without too much effort and still eat just as well as you would at any other point in the year.

Managing your leftovers and meals

One of the best things you can do, not just now but throughout the entire year, is to manage the food you make and do your best to avoid wastage.

Here are a few tips to think about that can help you handle any leftover ingredients and food you may have.

  1. Plan your meals – This may seem like a simple thing, but look at the ingredients you have and plan all your meals for the week, doing your best to incorporate everything. Planning what you’re going to make each day in advance means that you can cook smarter when using your ingredients and leftovers.
  2. Turn dinner into lunch – When you’re making an evening meal it’s easy to make a little more than you need, then take that extra food and use it as the following day’s lunch. Not only will you have a tastier lunch, it also means you’re stretching your ingredients out a little further.
  3. Batch cook and freeze – Batch cooking and freezing portions not only saves time later in the week it also reduces the chance of food going to waste. This can be done with almost anything but works especially well for sauces and soups.
  4. Think ingredients not leftovers – You can easily turn leftover meat and vegetables into tasty soups, pies or even a curry depending on your preferences. The key to this is to think about the ingredients that make up your leftovers. For example, leftovers from a roasted joint of beef can be turned into roast beef sandwiches, the base of a hearty soup, used in a stir fry with our Scarlett’s Ornamental Ginger and Soy Sauce, or as a key ingredient in a curry with our tasty pastes and bases. All it takes is a little forethought with your meals and being a little adventurous.

For a more practical advice and information about avoiding food waste, visit

Everyday value essentials

Tips for Handling Leftovers and Saving Money. Sunday's roast beef could be tomorrow's stir fry.Managing your food and avoiding waste is one aspect of getting through the rest of the month, but another very important factor is being smart with your shopping. Here at, we can help you make the most out of your finances without having to sacrifice on quality.

Our Everyday Value Essentials range has a variety of ingredients to help you create lots of meals while saving money at the same time. With our essentials range, you could make simple yet extremely tasty dishes such as bacon cheeseburgers, an easy sausage casserole, or James Martin’s cheese-stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon.

With a little creativity and planning, you can make a little go a long way. So, why not see out the rest of January with some simple, cost-effective but wonderfully comforting food for all the family.

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