Tips for Handling Leftovers and Saving Money

Tips for Handling Leftovers and Saving Money. We generate a lot of food waste in the UK. If you plan ahead, you can minimise your food waste and save money.

After the holiday period and with the end of January approaching most people are feeling the pinch of a long month. Even though the finances may be a little slimmer than you would like because of the holidays there’s no need to scrimp on what you cook. You can make your meals and your money go further without too much effort and still eat just as well as you would …
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Traditional Roast Beef: The Perfect Feel-Good Meal

Traditional Roast Beef: The Perfect Feel-Good Meal - Our latest blog delves into the the perfect feel good food; roast beef.

As the temperature outside continues to drop, everyone is looking for something to make themselves feel better and make the most of our winter. There is one dish that the British do better than anyone else that always improves your mood; the classic roast beef dinner. Roast beef may be straightforward to cook but it is far more than just a simple dish; it brings with it a sense of …
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Alternative Ideas for Burns Night

Alternative Ideas for Burns Night - Why not try one of our three delicious recipe ideas?

With Burns Night almost upon us (25th January) people up and down the country will soon be enjoying that fine Sottish fare, Haggis. Burns Suppers involve a great deal of ceremony and a meal consisting of haggis, neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes) all washed down with a dram or two of Scotch whisky, but that isn’t the only way to enjoy it. If you don’t want to go down …
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Bake your own bread for a feel-good lunch

Have you ever tried baking your own bread?

Happy New Year! The holiday season is over and no doubt you’re a little worn out from all the late nights, booze and family gatherings over the last few weeks. We imagine you would love nothing more than staying at home, turning up the heating and closing the curtains to the cold January weather outside. Unfortunately, the end of the holiday season also means braving the elements and heading back …
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A Quick Quiz About Quiche

A Quick Quiz About Quiche - Have some fun with our quiche quiz.

As we prepare for Christmas and think about what might be on the Boxing Day buffet table, many of us will be adding quiche to the shopping list. Quiche is one of those foods that’s delicious hot or cold, so it’s perfect at any time of year. Commonly eaten cold with a crisp green salad, it’s equally tasty warmed through and served with buttered new potatoes and baked beans, or as …
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Food Gifts to Put a Smile on Anyone’s Face

Food Gifts to Put a Smile on Anyone's Face this Christmas.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you struggling for ideas to please the friend who has everything, or the colleague you don’t know very well? Why not give them a food gift this year? With so much choice available on, you’re bound to find something to put a smile on the face of even the most awkward recipient. But why do food products make such good …
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